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Llumiere lux Jewelry is a new brand of elegant jewelry that has been designed for luxurious women and for  those who would like to give back to different charities throughout the world!


Luxurious Jewelry 

We sell jewelry that is luxurious for everyone. We promote women in luxury! Our Jewelry represents elegant, extravagant living, and a expensive lifestyle without paying for that expense. We want our customers to have a luxurious shopping experience. 

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High Quality Jewelry

We sell high quality jewelry for everyone. Our jewelry represents that balance between simplicity and style! We provide Minimalist, sustainable Gold and sliver  pieces for your everyday look. 

Jewelry with Purpose


We sell Christ based jewelry for everyone. Purchasing our Jewelry makes an impact, 5% of our profits goes to helping homeless people rebuild there lives, getting clean water to third world countries, and solving mental health issues.

New Arrivals